Risky Business was established to support promising early stage startups with the resources to grow into regional and global sustainable tech firms. Bringing together some of the most prominent business people in the region, we provide more than financing. In addition to intensive and high-quality consulting services focused on product development, scaling and strategy, we also offer financial investment. It is the first structure in Romania targeted towards pre-seed support and an innovative step forward in supporting the growth and sustainability of the Romanian startup ecosystem.

Building Products, People and Communities with Value.

Our True Passion

We don’t just invest and help build startups, we build entrepreneurs. Our program is a life-changing learning experience that challenges you to go beyond what you believed was possible. An entrepreneur isn’t somebody who just makes money, it is someone who wakes up every day and says “We can do better.  We must do better.  We will do better.”

Let’s Do This.

Time for A Change

Instead of sitting around and waiting for foreign investors or public initiatives, we brought together a coalition of the willing to create a new investment vehicle blending global best practices with local context and needs.


Shared Vision

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and is a catalyst for real innovation. We are united by a shared vision of a tech economy that works for everyone, supporting products with impact on both the global and local economies and societies, and creating a community that supports entrepreneurs and innovators. We started building this together, as a team, years ago at the NGO Spherik, then blew it open to create a bigger vision and team, bringing in our investors and partners, aligning our values and vision to keep on building the  Risky Business community.

“I’ve invested in Risky Business not just because I trust these guys and believe in the vision, but also because I know the non-financial support they can give is key to making startup investing successful. I’ve invested in a few startups and it is clear that helping them grow and making the investment successful takes a lot more than just money. ”

Voicu OpreanCEO & Founder AROBS, President ARIES

“After my company was acquired by Facebook, I didn't invest in Romanian startups. The quality and maturity wasn't there yet. I’ve seen this team changing that and bringing the startups and ecosystem to maturity and an investable level.”

Andrei DuncaCEO LiveRail (sold for $500m to Facebook)

“You can feel when something big is starting, and Risky Business looks like one of them.”

Dan PiticCEO & Founder, Perpetuum

“I’m not just investing in this team’s plan--I’m investing in their mission, vision and values. We need more of this in Romania”

Dan Barna

“Bogdan has been an incredibly valuable consultant for us for years. Now, as we diversify into tech investments there is no other team I would trust more to guide our investments and the startups we invest in.”

Marcelus SuciuFounder Marty’s Restaurants

“I’m investing in Risky Business first, because of the team behind it and the enthusiasm they bring. They have the right mindset to do whatever it takes to make the project successful. Second, because it’s a great moment for such an initiative. There are a lot of startups being launched and some of them will take the leap to becoming great companies. I want to be part of this wave and Risky Business can be the platform to help me achieve this.”

Sergiu Birisco-founder Trilulilu, co-founder LiveRail, co-founder Zonga

““I’ve seen how this team has helped several of our collaborators launch startups and products. I am certain that Risky Business and this team are going to make a huge positive impact on the startup ecosystem in Romania and make wise investments. I’m proud to be a part of this and looking forward to supporting the next generation of Romanian entrepreneurs.”

Matei TibocEntrepreneur, QuickMobile
A good investor gives you more than cash.

How We Can Help You


Sometimes finding co-founders is difficult. Keeping them can be just as hard. 65% of startups break up in the year 1 due to founder conflicts.

We help founders build strong teams. Most conflicts can be prevented with proper planning and resolved with clear communication. We help teams with both to ensure they can stay focused on building, innovating and launching.


Our team has rich experience building products people love. This is where we start.

“Startups are defined by growth, but growth isn’t step one in building a great company. If you focus on trying to grow before you make a product people love, you are unlikely to succeed…take the time to build a product your users love, no matter how long it takes.”  ~Sam Altman, President Y-Combinator


Go-to-market doesn’t just mean putting your product out there and seeing what happens. It involves strategy, starting with how you build the product and business model, as well as monitoring metrics and iterating as you get market feedback.

Our team has launched dozens of successful products into the market in many different industries, both regionally and globally.


A network isn’t just about whose email you have or even about who is willing to answer your emails. It is about who is going to be there when you need help.

Our network has developed around the globe and within our local community from years of helping others. Our investors and mentors are willing to help our startups with both their expertise and their networks.

Soft Skills

Once you have a great product you need to sell it to customers and to investors.

We help teams learn how to communicate, pitch and negotiate. We have taken founders from being unable to speak 1-1 about their idea to winning startup competitions in front of thousands of people and closing deals. You can do it, it just takes determination, practice and the right support.


How are you going to make money? How are you going to get your first 10 users? Your first 100? Your first 1 000?  Hard questions with many possible answers. Our team can help you find the best ones for your startup.

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