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Why Mentor ?

Diverse Network

Become a part of a dynamic and growing international network of talent, dedicated to passing it on to the next generation.

Undiscovered Talent

Get to know relentless founders from this emerging ecosystem where valuations are reasonable and talent is high.

Unique Opportunities

Discover new products, talent, and people in need of your skills, as well as co-investing opportunities and more.


You may have heard…and of course we don’t want to brag….but we have awesome parties.  Mainly because we have good wine and great people.  Also we have Marty.

What does mentoring entail?

Mentors provide ad-hoc support on specific issues or challenges a startup is facing, as they have time and interest. It implies no specific time commitment, and you are able to pass on any request for help.

Why Mentor

Becoming a part of our growing international mentor network offers the chance to be connected to one of the most unexplored, high-potential startup scenes remaining, where valuations are reasonable and talent is high. Moreover, there are co-investing and a strong need for equity advisors as mentors get to know the startups. Our management team has achieved incredible results after just 1.5 years including an exit and startups consistently 10xing their valuations. As a result, we were able to build the first pre-seed fund in the country. Our “Demo Day” takes place inside Techsylvania, the premiere tech conference in the region. Last year the judges and speakers included Tim Draper, Mark Shutleworth, and other tech luminaries. We are waiting to show you the beauty and potential of Transylvania and Beyond!

What should mentors do?

• Provide strategic knowledge and guidance to the mentees. They support the mentees throughout the process of developing their startup during the program. Be honest when you don't know something, and help teams find the right person to ask.
• Provide constructive feedback and encourage the teams to do the same within their team. Help the teams find their way to meaningful questions.
• Offer clear, applicable advice that can be understood by their level of skill.
• Remember that much of what you’ll be exposed to is highly confidential. Please do not discuss the company with outside parties without the company’s permission.
• Be enthusiastic and understanding. Early entrepreneurship is often fraught with uncertainty and doubts. You will never fully know the impact your encouragement or a kind word might have on your mentees.
• Stay in touch! Maintain contact with the Risky Business team to assess the progress of the team. We only know as much as you tell us about your interest, your availability, and your ability.
• Join our parties and events. They rock. And, some of the most effective relationship building and mentoring takes place in informal environments.

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