How much do you invest?

We invest between €20,000-100,000 in cash, plus comprehensive support and countless hours for product, marketing, go-to-market, strategy, business development, and more.

What stage do you invest in?

Pre-seed and Seed. A pre-seed stage startup is generally in the process of building the team and initial product/prototype, but has a strong idea and the core team members covered. A seed-stage startup is generally in the process of establishing product-market fit and early revenue. But, we encourage startups that aren’t quite “there” yet to apply. If we see potential we will help get you to investment level. You can join the accelerator program even if you aren’t quite investment-ready yet.

What industries do you invest in?

We are industry agnostic, meaning that we don’t focus on a specific industry. But, we do prefer industries that we and our investors have experience and connections in, which helps us help you get to the market quicker.

Do you invest in regional or global products?

We invest in both. The important thing is that you have a bold vision and a relentless drive to see it become a reality.

How does your program work?

Our program is not for the faint of heart. We expect startups to work intensely to grow their startup. Our partners work with you every day on product, marketing, go-to-market and scaling, pitching, strategy, PR, business development, investment strategy, leadership, and more. Each week our networking and pitching events demand you to tell your progress and next steps to your colleagues and our investors–over wine, of course. We have workathons, workshops, and networking events based on our teams needs.

What about Demo Day?

Demo Day is an important milestone for startups–and really fun. Our Demo Day is combined with Startup Avalanche inside Techsylvania. Teams that meet their traction goals pitch in front of potential investors, mentors, partners, and more. Past judges have included Tim Draper and Frank Meehan. The winning team gains a specially curated trip to their target market (last year it was Silicon Valley) to meet with even more potential mentors, investors, partners, and of course to enjoy the culture and learn.

How much equity do you take?

Our accelerator program takes 5% equity, in exchange providing intense support for product, go to market, scaling, connections, working space, marketing and PR support, and more on an ongoing basis. This is in line with other programs in the region. Our team has strong experience and can add substantial value–we have taken startups from idea to investment, profit, and acquisition. Moreover, we have a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy–if after the program you don’t feel that it was worth it, we return the equity. The bottom line is that we only gain if you succeed. To learn more about how equity works, check out this link:  And, of course, if you have more questions just email us at  Don’t be shy–we are very open.

When we invest from the fund, we make a proposal according to your startup. Every startup is different, different teams, industries, stages, experience, etc. As such, all valuations are different. Our terms are competitive within Eastern Europe. Moreover, as a team with experience from both sides of the table–as entrepreneurs and investors, we strive to be fair. Oppressive investment terms only prevent your startup—and thus our investment—from growing in value. A guiding principle is that if any investor ever asks for a majority of your company at an early stage, run.

Who are you? What do you want?

We are a team of creators and entrepreneurs. Our team has worked together for more than a decade in various formations, creating products recognized by industry leaders like Google, Samsung, and Apple as top in world, raising investment, running businesses and building startups together, rescuing dogs, and helping startups. Our team first came together when we created and ran the program at the NGO Spherik Accelreator. Building on our work there, we were able to raise the first accelerator fund in Romania, bringing together some of the most prominent business leaders in the country to support the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. What we want is simple: to use our resources to enable relentless founders with bold visions to succeed, and, like any investor to make money doing it. We consider ourselves both investors and partners with the startups we work with. There’s no gimmick, no game, just straight forward business with people who have a clear track record of building tech businesses. Learn more about our team and story elsewhere on our website.

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