Last year we helped create and run the first Alpha Hub program, which helped bring great startups into collaboration with Flutter (previously Paddy Power Betfair). The program was a great success, and we are looking forward to the next edition of Alpha Hub and more collaboration between Flutter and startups!

Corporate-startup partnership is challenging. In fact, fewer than 5% of initial collaborations survive to the point of pilot and less than 10% of corporate-startup initiatives achieve meaningful results in the first two programs. Success in collaborating with startups requires careful, authentic analyses of a corporation’s motivations and goals, transparency, building trust, and carefully designing and aligning programs to meet both corporate and startup needs. At Risky Business, we recognize the great opportunity successful and well-aligned partnerships can bring both corporations and startups. That’s why we offer custom designed programs for corporates to find, analyze, trial, and develop partnerships and pilots with startups. Learn more about the success and processes of the Alpha Hub program here.

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